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You did read the FAQ first, right?

We've made this easy! There is one mandatory form listed below. RYLA representatives from each Rotary Club should download the forms and become familiar with their contents. RYLA reps, students and their parents (or other legal guardians) must complete the form.  If you save this PDF to your desk top, we have made it into a field fillable application for keyboard data entry.  Don't hesitate to send us questions if you have them: bob.huffman@ryla6760.org.
Once all of the forms are completed the RYLA Representative should forward the completed forms (originals, so please make a copy for your records) along with the check for $400 made out to 'District 6760 – RYLA'.

The deadline for forms and payment is March 31, 2020!
Bob Huffman,
Dec 4, 2019, 2:38 PM