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The first step in a successful RYLA season is always becoming aware of the critical points of information covered on this page. We've made every attempt to consolidate and streamline our processes so you (student, parents, and Rotarians) can get all the information you need in one place. We're here to help if you need us. Just email bob.huffman@ryla6760.org with specific questions.

For Everyone

  • What is Rotary?
    Rotary is the world's largest service organization. Rotarians world-wide collaborate to serve their communities and their world. Middle and west Tennessee is represented by Rotary District 6760.

  • What is RYLA? 
    The Rotary Youth Leadership Award. Read the short description on our welcome page. Every District's RYLA is a little bit different, but all of them share Rotary's dedication to the development of our next generation of leaders.

  • When and where does RYLA 6760 take place?
    The RYLA program will take starts first thing Tuesday, June 16th and ends Friday, June 19th after our graduation dinner and ceremony. We hold RYLA on the beautiful campus of Austin Peay State University
    , in Clarksville, TN.

  • What are the key dates/times to remember? 
 Feb 1 Rotary Club provides application materials to prospective RYLA applicants
 March 1 RYLA applicants complete application materials and return them to their Rotary Club
 March 31 Rotary Club forwards applications (with $400) payment to the RYLA Committee
 May 1 Official District 6760 RYLA acceptance letters sent to selected RYLA participants
 June 16 RYLA program begins with check-in at 9:00 am
 June 19 RYLA program ends with graduation, which will be held starting at 6:00 pm

For Rotarians

  • How can my Club and I become involved?
    Read this whole site and if you still have questions please reach out to RYLA 6760 District Chair, Robert Huffman at bob.huffman@ryla6760.org or 931-368-9176.

    (1) First and foremost, please ask your Club to consider sponsoring a RYLA attendee.

    (2) If your Club already sends a student, consider sending two or three this year --- we're growing the program!

    (3) Do you want to personally contribute? You can visit us during the program and see your students in action. We always encourage personal connections with the students.

    (4) Can't make it to visit? Would you like to make a donation to personally sponsor a student? Every dollar counts. This year private donations will sponsor at least five additional students as of this writing.

  • How should my Club select a student or students to attend?

    First, make sure you recruit students of the correct age: 
    Young people, ages 15 to 17, who live or attend high school within the boundaries of Rotary District 6760 are eligible.  Attendees must turn 15 prior to June 16, 2020 and may not turn 18 prior to June 16th, 2020.

    Second, discuss the type of student your Club wants to send. Don't think A+ students and star athletes are the only young leaders in your local schools! Challenge yourselves to find budding leaders of all types. Talk to guidance counselors and Interact Club members or other student club advisers. It's up to you to find the best students to recruit.  Many clubs will send next years Interact Club Officers to RYLA to add more leadership tools to their tool kit.   Be advised that our RYLA program is focused on high achieving youth with strong leadership skills.  Send us a young leader with a heart for service, we will return them to you in a better equipped.  RYLA develops young leaders to be community leaders!

  • How much does it cost....and who pays?
    Rotary District 6760's RYLA Committee, led by Chairman Aubree Duncan, organizes and administers the annual RYLA program. District 6760 subsidizes the cost of the program with a student's sponsoring Rotary Club covering the remaining costs.

    Students who are selected for attendance receive a full Rotary scholarship and do not pay to attend RYLA.

    The RYLA Committee has worked hard to keep the cost of RYLA steady for the past nine years. The cost of the RYLA program (paid by the sponsoring Rotary Club) is $400 per participant

  • How does our Club send a student or students?
    Payment should accompany a completed application (there are three mandatory forms per students) made payable to ‘District 6760 – RYLA’.

    The entire packet should be mailed by March 31st to:

    Mr. Robert Huffman
    District 6760 RYLA Committee
    3925 Sango Rd
    Clarksville, TN 37043

  • Our student had to back out, what can our Club do?
    To avoid this scenario, make sure your selected students know that RYLA is a full-time commitment and students will not be permitted to leave during the week. Sometimes this interferes with other events and students are asked to understand the rules before applying.

    Cancellations before April 30th may be refunded.

    Cancellations after April 30th may not be refunded. Rather, sponsoring Clubs may choose a replacement student (it helps to have alternates from your application process).

    If it is possible for a Club to submit a replacement student all required forms must be submitted by June 1.

    If it is not possible, the RYLA Committee may allocate the sponsorship funds to another student, potentially from another Club's alternate pool. This policy allows us to send the highest number of students and avoid wasting a Club's investment.

For Students and Parents

  • How old do students who have to be?
    Young people, ages 15 to 17, are eligible to attend RYLA. Attendees must turn 15 prior to June 16, 2020 and may not turn 18 prior to June 16th, 2020.

  • Where must eligible students live?
    Eligible students must live or attend high school
    within the boundaries of Rotary District 6760.

  • How much does it cost?
    Eligible students apply for sponsorship from their
    local Rotary Club, which picks up all of the tuition costs, which are further subsidized by Rotary District 6760. Students who earn the privilege of attending RYLA don't have to pay a dime.

  • Where will students stay?
    We utilize student housing on the Austin Peay campus and we eat in the University dining facility. It's a great chance to experience what it's like to live on a college campus.

  • How should students contact their Rotary Club?
    Find the
    Club or Clubs closest to your home or school on the Rotary District 6760 website. If it's not clear to you which Rotary Club might sponsor you, please contact bob.huffman@ryla6760.org  and we will help you find your Club.

  • How should students apply?
    Submit to the sponsoring Rotary Club all three (3) of the mandatory RYLA Application forms including a copy of your (or your parents') health insurance card (or tell us that you don't have insurance if that is the case so we can cover you on our policy).