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Student Information

Things to bring

  • A Great Attitude!
  • Bed linens (extra long twin), Mattress Pad, Pillow and Pillow Case
  • Cover / Comforter (the building is air conditioned and it can get cold)
  • Bath Towel, Hand towel
  • Toiletries, etc.
  • Casual, Comfortable Clothes for 4 ½ days
  • Tennis Shoes / Sneakers
  • Swimwear and sunscreen.  There may be pool or other outdoor activities, depending on weather.
  • “Award Ceremony Clothes” – Pictures will be taken of your award being presented to you. No, it doesn't need to be a coat and tie, just something a little nicer.
  • Photo ID 
  • Money – All your meals and needs are paid for by your sponsoring Rotary Club and District 6760.  You only need to bring a small amount of money for vending machines or other incidental expenses, if you so desire. 
  • Cell Phone – You may bring a cell phone with you. However, they must be left in your residence hall room, during all days’ events.  
  • Electronic Devices – You may bring personal music devices like CD players, iPods, etc., but these may only be used during your free periods.  You will be responsible for their security, if you choose to bring them. 

Things NOT to bring

  • Anything that may be taken for a weapon (pocket knife, etc.) 
  • Any potentially dangerous materials (fireworks, an elephant, etc.)
  • Distractions. The RYLA program is an intensive leadership experience; and thus, students’ full participation and active involvement is necessary.